Orchard in Grandpa’s garden

by ZŠ s MŠ Františka Jozefa Fugu, Vinné

We have an old orchard in our grandfather’s garden. We have apple, plum, walnut and pear trees there. We like their fruits very much. Since 21st of October was the Day of old apple varieties, we went to our garden and picked apples from several kinds of apple trees under the trees. In class we then explored them with all our senses. We learned different information about them. We wrote a letter to the aple, imitated the growth of a seed to a mature fruiting tree. We tasted fresh and baked apple fruits. We liked the fresh ones better. We then made apple pictures in the garden, played games, sang and finally imitated a worm in an apple. This day was a real success. Will you try to do something similar in your garden?