by SARA DAWSON & EMMA HAMBLET, teachers Wigton Nursery and Infant School, Wigton, Cumbria, UK

The children at Wigton Nursery and Infant School have been working on a project to develop a garden for all of the community to use.  First they explored the local area and discussed where they would like to develop, then children volunteered after school to work alongside staff to improve the garden area.  The garden is outside the school grounds but can be accessed easily by the pupils.  It is still a work in progress. 

Here the children are proud to show how they have worked together to widen the path as they decided that they wanted everyone to be able to access the garden safely.  It is now wide enough for wheelchair access.  The garden is a small section of Phoenix Park which has had lots of exciting developments recently, including a pond and wildflower, bee garden.  All sections of the local community have worked in different areas of the park, such as a working group from the local factory, a local youth group alongside support from the local council.