The Sounds of Places

Listen to the sounds from various locations in the city of Rožňava and the Baltic region.
Try to discuss them.

  1. Cafe on Námestie baníkov in Rožňava
  2. Bells in Saint Peter’s Square in Rome
  3. The coast of the Baltic Sea
  4. Interviews in Gdansk

Questions and tasks to facilitate discussion:

  • Listen to the sounds of the place and think about what might have been going on there.
  • Try to guess where what you hear might have happened.
  • What do you imagine with these sounds?
  • Can you recognize the language?
  • How would you feel in this environment?
  • What would we see around us?
  • What part of the day is captured in the recordings?
  • Try to graphically record the different layers of sound.
  • Try to draw the environment you hear.